Sunday, May 30, 2010

East Beach on Thursday

nice. attached are pics from my 2-day surf deployment.

first pic are of 16, 16, and 18 inchers (actually a guess because I
never measured them) from East Beach on Thursday morning.

second and third are from the mouth of the Brazos (both fish are 21" but grassmuck's was clearly the plus-sized, husky model and mine was the starvin' Marvin).

mine were all on fly (various 3" baitfish patterns), many other fish caught but small (e.g., sand trout, countless ladyfish, whiting, one undersized red). Rich caught his on topwaters, DOAs but the Bobby Hill trout came on a silver spoon.

hope all is well with your and yours and cheers.

I should not have done that

The puffy cute cheeks harbor massive phalange-crushing jaw muscles. I
lipped it and it bit down for literally a millisecond. according to
my boss, the look on my face was of "I should not have done that."

if that thing had teeth I seriously would have lost a portion of my
finger. that millisecond long bite made blood rush to the tip of my
thumb and it throbbed all day.


The dry spell is over

I am embarassed to admit that I still get my two uncles confused in
terms of names...if Boyett is the fellow fishing fanatic, please share
these photos...additionally, if you could show Jarell the 25" trout,
the response would be worth your effort.